3D Printed Smartphone Holder for Mountain Bike

As sometimes happens with designers like me or other career choices that will make you sit on your butt all day, at some point you are likely to get badly out of shape. I decided to rectify my lethargic habits by getting myself a mountain bike (Pacific GTR 29er) and going for regular rides.

This posed a whole new set of challenges including an unprecedented spending spree and a backside that felt like it had been violated by a bicycle seat. Another problem that I had was that I wanted to take my smart phone along to track my speed, course and general stats. This problem I was able to solve by designing and 3D printing a smartphone holder, custom made for the Samsung Galaxy S7. You can download and print your own one by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

The holder is made from three 3D printable parts and held together by a few stainless steel capscrews and nuts. The nuts are embedded in the 3D printed base by sliding them into the slots provided. This provides a thread within the plastic part.

Once the parts are printed it’s time to install.

The finished product came out quite nicely. Check it out.

To download the 3D printable STL’s click here. If you want to get the original AutoDESK Inventor files, they are available on GrabCAD. To download models from GrabCAD you will have to register on the website, but it’s really quick and easy. And if you are a designer, or a 3D modeler you will enjoy being a part of the GrabCAD community.

I hope you makers out there have fun making your own smartphone holders. If you have any comments or suggestions let me know or leave a comment below.


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