3D Print Your Own Fidget Spinner (Download STL’s)

3D Printed Fidget Spinner on a drawing with bearings and measuring equipment

Perhaps you think the Fidget Spinner craze of 2017 is silly. Perhaps you think it’s really cool. Either way, it’s happening right now and the whole world is fascinated by these things.

So if you want to jump on the bandwagon you have a few options. You can go out and buy any shape or form of fidget spinner that some salesman or hawker is likely to flog, or make your own. The third option is for people who are lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer. If you are one of these fortunate people, you can download the 3D printable STL files right here and 3D print your own!

First get some bearings

Before you 3D print the STL files  you sould get the right size bearings. The correct bearings are SKF608, or normal skateboard bearings. The dimensions of the bearings are:

Part Number: SKF608

Dimensions : Ø8mm x Ø22mm x 7mm

In other words the inside diameter is 8mm The outside diameter is 22mm and the bearing is 7mm thick.

Click on the image above to see the SKF specifications page. Other brands will offer the same size bearing so compare a few few for the best price and quality.

The bearings I bought are sealed, and I assume there is grease inside the seals. The grease makes the motion very smooth. The down side is that I suspect the grease has a braking effect on the spinning, so the spinner does spin too long. For a future mod I plan to take out the seals and clean the grease out.

Print your spinner

Once you have the right bearings it’s time to download and 3D print your fidget spinner.

You can download them by clicking the buttons below.

Dowmload Button for 3D Pritable Fidget Spinner

Dowmload Button for 3D Pritable Fidget Spinner Buttons

Once you have downloaded them 3D print them. I printed them in ABS material with my UP Plus 3D printer and it took 1 1/2 hours to print.

Once printed, it’s time to assemble. With a little bit of effort you will be able to push the bearings into the holes. After that pop one button into each side of the middle bearing and you’re done! You now have you very own 3D printed fidget spinner!


If you want the STEP files of this fidget spinner, they are available on GrabCAD. Just click the following link: 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

If you make your own one send us a picture and we will feature it on thingimajigs.com. If you have questions or suggestions drop a comment below. Have fun making your own fidget spinner.



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