Tiny Gadgets and a Cool 3D Printed Miniature Lathe

Awesome 3D printed lathe

The coolest little 3D printed lathe ever.

I was recently browsing YouTube for 3D printed components and came across a really cool 3D printed lathe video. It may not rate highly on the practicality factor but it’s off the charts on a coolness and ingenuity factor.

The creator of this magnificent little machine is Peter Robinson whos website is Tiny Gadgets. Any 3D printing tinkerer or person that’s into 3D printing little gadgets and gizmo’s would do well to take a look at his website. It is full of inspiration and fascinating curiosities.

For example this Lego Rubik’s Cube solver:

Lego Rubiks Cube Solver

Have fun exploring the gadgets on the website.

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